We Are Not At The Jetsons Level

When I was younger, I watched the Jetsons and yearned for the days when we would be able to travel in space like it was an average, everyday thing to do. Unfortunately, we are not quite at that level yet. It seems like there have been so many missions to space since the 1980s that they should have been far more advanced by now. Sitting back and looking at it makes me feel like the world isn’t nearly as innovative as we thought it would be at this time. I am wondering if we will really get the opportunity to casual space travel like we have been told we would someday.

I remember in the 1990s I read an article about celebrities paying ahead of time for the opportunity to travel to space as soon as it becomes available. It is now about two decades later and they have yet to do it. This makes you wonder whether the organization who offered it just wanted to make more money available to them or if they truly thought this was something that would be a viable option. I am guessing the celebrities are not worried about it since they have large amounts of cash on hand for all kinds of things.

Apparently, the Jetsons never said what year it was and it has been claimed that it was supposed to be set in 2062. If that is the case, this means that we have more than four decades before this would be our reality. Chances are, this is not the way the world will be then. but hopefully I will not be sick and/or so old that it actually happens and I am too old to embrace it and care. I guess I will just have to wait around and see.